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Making the provocative assertion that the entire enterprise of organized religion is a thing for which the world and our species would have been better without, Oh, Your god! follows in the footsteps of the material observations of Lucretius, Epicurus, and Democritus and the more recent antitheistic arguments of Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins. Drawing from timeless philosophers, modern debates, historical events, and current social climes, Joshua Kelly illustrates the shameful and debilitating damage religion has caused—and continues to cause—whether to our psyches, our bodies, our societies, or our world. Citing the murders of Nigeria's “witch children,” the subversion of sexual emancipation, the tethers of slavery, the attacks of September 11, the pseudomorality of monotheistic mythology, the subjugation of women, and much more, he provides an abundance of damning evidence to back up his claims. Only by acknowledging and grappling with the real and potential dangers of religion, he argues, will we be able to thrive and develop as a species.

About the Author


ISBN: 978-1634310642 (paperback)

SRP: $16.95

Page count: 216 pages

Trim size: 6 x 9

Pub date: January 2016

Ebook availability: Yes

Audiobook availability: Yes

“Joshua Kelly's brilliant book is a treasure chest of big ideas and thoughtful analysis concerning the disaster that is religion. The world needs to rethink its bizarre relationships with the gods urgently and Kelly skillfully shows why. With relentless logic and enjoyable writing he dismantles the farce of faith. This is a witty and thought-provoking work capable of educating and elevating minds, not only those of believers but atheists as well. Everyone should read this wonderful book.”

—Guy P. Harrison, author of 50 Reasons People Give for Believing in a God

Joshua Kelly writes on religion and politics for the Danthropology blog on the Patheos network.