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Arguably no scholar in the 21st century has had more of an impact on public discussion and debate over the historical Jesus and the development of early Christianity than distinguished professor of religious studies, Bart D. Ehrman. He has introduced many new readers to crucial questions of biblical criticism in a series of bestselling books. In Bart Ehrman Interpreted, theologian and writer Robert M. Price evaluates Ehrman’s body of work. Taking a collegial approach and rejecting polemics, Price defends Ehrman’s writing against conservative attacks but also suggests a number of points at which Ehrman may be insufficiently or inconsistently critical. No matter one's views toward Ehrman, Bart Ehrman Interpreted will prompt much fruitful and positive discussion of his important work and of the popular and scholarly debates that surround it.

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ISBN: 978-1634311588 (paperback)

SRP: $16.95

Page count: 255 pages

Trim size: 6 x 9

Pub date: April 2018

Ebook availability: Yes

Audiobook availability: Forthcoming

Robert M. Price holds PhDs in systematic theology and the New Testament from Drew University. He is the author of numerous books, including The Incredible Shrinking Son of Man: How Reliable Is the Gospel Tradition and has written his own translation of the New Testament. He's also written about the historicity of Moses, the nuances and problems of Christian theology, and, most notably, the question of a historical Jesus.

“Finally there is a colleague who can honor the contributions Bart Ehrman is making to the field of New Testament studies by neither demonizing nor praising him without reason. With scholarly scrutiny and his witty humor Robert M. Price addresses central topics of Ehrman’s work. By supporting and critiquing what he sees, Dr. Price encourages and equips readers to find their own voice as they engage with highly debated aspects of New Testament literature."

—David Trobisch, Director of Collections, Museum of the Bible

“As a biblical exegete, Bart Ehrman has made a name for himself far beyond the borders of his own country. His works have been translated into all languages with readers in Germany as well. Many of them have become quasi-canonical for critical Christians and skeptics and atheists alike. Time to take stock! In Bart Ehrman Interpreted, Robert M. Price offers us a discriminating factual and respectful deconstruction of the myth of Ehrman. At the same time, their different interpretive approaches open our eyes to the variety of opportunities for the interpretation of biblical texts—and to the crucial differences between the views of theologian Price and Ehrman. An enlightening contribution to the clearing of the New Testament jungle.”

—Hermann Detering, author, The Fabricated Paul: Early Christianity in the Twilight

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