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Theologian and writer Robert M. Price is perhaps best known today for his scholarly arguments against the existence of a historical Jesus. Yet, he has been at various times in his career an agnostic, an exponent of Liberal Protestant theology, a nontheist, a secular humanist, a religious humanist, a Unitarian-Universalist wannabe, an unaffiliated Universalist, and a Fellow of the Jesus Seminar. Any way you cut it, he is not your typical atheist. This collection of his best essays demonstrates his love for the various great religions, which he views as endlessly fascinating expressions of the human spirit. Beneath the keen insights and sharp critiques he offers, whether the subject is theology, secularism, or biblical studies, the essays themselves are also deeply personal and revealing. Read together, they document his self-extrication from the born-again Christianity in which he dwelt for some dozen years—and his subsequent rise to celebrated freethought advocate whose work has challenged an entire field.

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ISBN: 978-1634311342 (paperback)

SRP: $17.95

Page count: 280 pages

Trim size: 6 x 9

Pub date: September 2017

Ebook availability: Yes

Audiobook availability: Forthcoming

Robert M. Price holds PhDs in systematic theology and the New Testament from Drew University. He is the author of numerous books, including The Incredible Shrinking Son of Man: How Reliable Is the Gospel Tradition and has written his own translation of the New Testament. He's also written about the historicity of Moses, the nuances and problems of Christian theology, and, most notably, the question of a historical Jesus.

“Professor Price has the remarkable ability to see through the pretensions and BS of religion, and does so with relish and style. His knowledge of doctrine, scripture and faith traditions is nothing less than encyclopedic. He is an equal-opportunity deconstructionist. Enjoy!”

Andrew Wilson, Unification Theological Seminary

“Since Plato the path to wisdom is clear—we are born to  Faith and Received Ideas, then we escape their limits by Reason, and (for the noblest of humans) we have occasional moments of Higher Knowledge.  Yet we live in an unwise world, many of the toughest decisions from going to war to deciding where people can pee are made by humans caught in the grip of Faith.  Dr. Robert Price, an articulate and out spoken critic of ‘faithism’—the belief that holding onto to irrational beliefs simply makes you a better person, has done something amazing in this very accessible book.  With a  series of short essays, he ‘thinks aloud.’  He dismantles and deconstructs faith.  He shares his own use of Reason that led him away from the religious fundamentalism he was born to.  He takes on the notion of biblical authority, the doctrine of atonement, and the logical traps of other world faiths.  This book, with Price's usual wit and grounded in philosophy and critical theory, is a hymn to Reason.  I hope it finds a wide readership in this darkling time.”

Don Webb, High Priest, Temple of Set (Emeritus)

Advance Praise

“In these essays, Price surprises with a wealth of fresh perspectives: biographical, exegetical, philosophical, theological, religious-historical and -critical in a diverse mixture. In the volatile field of atheism and faitheism, Price succeeds in capturing

the unbelieving and believing readers equally.”

—Hermann Detering, author of The Fabricated Paul